Sunday, June 10, 2007

Therapy Tension

I had fun studying for Infectious Disease but revision for next Wednesday's Therapy exam is shit. I am so stressed out until I am having a tight chest, sore throat and headache. I think only the 1st one is caused by it (the last 2 is prolly due to peanut butter sandwich and lack of sleep LOL). When I was chatting with Vina on mIRC a while ago, he asked what do I would usually do.

Good question, really.

1. Frown to show the entire world the dark side of my expression
2. Blast music loudly and croak along with whatever lyrics I know
3. Keep announcing how I fucked up I feel about the situation
4. Scold and be rude to anybody over chat programs (Vina was ignored after a while)
5. Uhhhmm. I dont know. Try to get over the mood. Try hard.

I guess because of last year's of
Therapy Exam experience. I am driven to work twice as hard. Hmmmm how do I put it. This subject is like the stepping stone to becoming a good doctor. As it is I aint a good student with half-filled knowledge, incomplete and dumbstruck when asked further questions regarding simple illneses. Hohoho. I should kill myself for even writing this.

Or could this be, very simply unstable PMS? Sigh.

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