Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The dining table is spreaded with notes of Infectious Disease. Pisa, Boss and I are studying for Friday's exam. The department is strict and the teachers are bitchy. We can forget about nudging friends for help. Whatever goes into our heads, we can only pull it out from our arses if we cant remember LOL

I started with enteric infections and if I havent accelerated on my reading, trust me, the words were beginning to stink. Depending on the diseases, there are symptoms such as vomitting, "strawberry-jelly stool", "rectal spit", "rice-water stool" and the list goes on. I have 9 more tough ass topics to cover *gasp!*

What was even more hilarious, someone should at least hear the shit we say about the lectures. This one was between Pisa and Boss.

Pisa : *runsacking through the complete notes* I wrote everythinglahh Boo

Boss : Yaaaa.. I didnt copy because I was sleeping

Pisa : I had to copylahh. The lecturer was looking at me so I couldnt sleep

And I burst out laughing at her matter-o-factly tone! "The lecturer was looking at me so I couldnt sleep!! Hahahahaa see what goes on in the lecture room! We are obligated to write important information on lethal/fatal diseases. How I love being a lala student. It just feels so cool.

Then I flipped on my own notes on Plague. This was when we totally lost our marbles!

The page is not even half-empty. Its 3/4 quarter! I tried hard to keep my eyes opened. Can you see the doodling? I have no idea why I bothered :P Some oblique lines, crooked words beyond comprehension and there might be a Mathematical equation that makes no sense. How to sit for exam? Better start praying right? LOL

ps. now syiok-syiok laughing so much.. wait till Friday comes!

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