Monday, June 04, 2007


Talk about getting two 5s (Russian=A) in one day! Surgery was legendary for me. I spent so much time preparing for Psychiatry, I have somewhat neglected Surgery. So yesterday I read through the notes and then was knocked out for this morning. Jason, Reena and I left the house at 730am. We had to hunt for the building first. After we found it, only a handful of fellas were there and all queueing to sit for Surgery exam.

Without much hesitation, I went into the lecture hall.. dumped my bag on the ground and took a question card. I was scanning for a seat, the professors and the cases ALL at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking! And when I read the cases, I dont know why I knew the answers right on. Question no.1 was obviouslahhh.. gastric ulcer but no.2 was tricky in the sense that the info given was halfwrong. I corrected it and the examiner was like "very good" and voila! I got my 5 :) I made a boo-boo though. I was ecstatic when I came out. This time, the entire batch had arrived. Everyone asked how was it and I *sounded more like a bragger* assured them that it was easy. Sighhhh. I even told Pisa she could diagnose with her eyes closed. Turned out there were other cases which was no guessing game. I was only lucky.

At 4pm was Psychiatry and it was pretty much a joke. I answered to our teacher Dr.Kinkulkina and that woman speaks perfect English! But she only spoke in Russian during class. My questions were shit. I mean I expected bigger stuff like Schizophrenia or some Psychoses but it was okay. Over and done with! Another 5 for the day hehehee Pisa even cooked pork for the celebration! Or perhaps it was coincidental LOL

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