Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Proud Parents

There had been a change in plans. We accompanied Prav's folks to Ismailovskii Park. I ran a bit late since I couldnt wake up so Boss and Pisa left to meet them first. I packed my change along for this evening's dinner at World Trade Centre. I was gonna wear a long sleeve striped shirt and black skirt with matching black heels. Hahahahaa but off with that set of formal wear! I spotted and bought a dress from Ismailovskii Park!

Prav's parents are SO sweet! Soft-spoken and humble people. Pisa was doing most of the translation with the souvenir vendors while I was busy hopping from stall to stall bargaining for my purchase. I bought 2 matrioshka for Auntie Market and 2 self-paint ones for my godsisters. Surprisingly the prices werent low for a weekday. Boss bought some, so did Prav's parents. My best buy was a haulter dress, teal in colour for only 350pyb! I am so unsure if I should wear it later tonight. I bought that strange greenish dress because Sha has a dress of that colour. If not, similar. I hav seen a pic of her in it and thought it looked good! Seelahh.

Hohoho. Pleasant surprise bumping into Paul and his classmate, TKY. Paul was really friendly unlike the last time I saw him at the Games. For some weird ass reason, TKY made me feel slightly umcomfortable. He was watching Paulo and I yakking away and he seemed to want to join our conversation LOL So I had to ask him some 2-cent questions ie. When's your flight home?, Exams finished huhhh?

I came home and missed out on lunch at Mel's (where Prav's parents are accomodated). Prav cooked for his folks and we were all invited for it. I had to come home for a few reasons. I needed to try on the new dress, shower and all :P Since its a haulter dress, more appropriate to attend a party.. not dinner with Malaysia's Prime Minister LOL I might just drape myself with a shawl or something *shrugs* Oooohh I am so excited for tonight!

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