Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PM's Speech

The dinner itself was so-so but I enjoyed the company and event! I wore my teal dress! I called Jessie and she said she was going to wear a black haulter dress so it was "green" light for me! Prav, Kai Yen, Jessie and I took a cab to Moscow World Trade Center. Everyone was dressed to kill. The guys looked sharp and handsome in their suits, girls mostly came in traditional costumes.

From L-R: Angeline, Christabel, Sharini, Me, Fen Fang, Von Yen, Lai Yee, Jan Jan

But after walking through the entrance and getting compliments from left right, I knew I chose the best outfit from my wardrobe! :) Only Sunny and I from Group 3 were invited (Mun Yee and Douglas werent really guests, they were in Aqoque's performing crew). The story about shortlisting names of students to attend tonight's function was political. Word is, someone from our batch picked the names instead of randomized selection. Ohhh well. Let me post more pictures here.

Rajiv is the suspect behind the namelist LOL He denies the accusation

Our Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi arrived much later.. around 10pm because he was having dinner with the Russian President Putin. Pak Lah gave a good 20mins-half an hour speech which was pretty sedative in my part. But then again, I have short attention span :P The lines which I caught, they were very motivative and I feel proud being a Malaysian. Back in 2002 when Dr.Mahathir came, security wasnt as tight. Students got to mingle with the ministers and the PM himself. With Pak Lah, we were shoved and pushed aside by the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia Federation). I mean they were huge ass and stern looking, I would park myself aside if they just cockstare me!

Pak Lah from a distance.. imagine how behind we were seated

The food served was delicious. There was a platter of cheese and crackers, salad, some weird looking stuff but nevertheless tasty. I loved the brinjal dishes! Our table was like 5 rows from the stage with pillars blocking the view. Towards the end I was standing in front with Angeline and Christabel :P The performances were lovely. Malaysia is truly Asia. A multi-racial country with colours so bright, you can be sure to open your eyes when you visit us.

From L-R: Priscilla, Me, Yun Wen and Jed. They are wearing authentic Malaysian costumes

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