Saturday, June 16, 2007

PayPerPost n00b Me

I have been making entries for almost 3 years now and only of late I realised I could really make some money out of it. Since I study abroad like 10 months a year, I signed up for a BLOG to rant, bitch, cuss but mostly to keep my hommies from Malaysia (and other parts of the world) updated about my life here in Russia.

At first it was really private. Almost like if you have access here means you are close to me and/or I like you kind of concept. And when I regretted sharing my personal opinion and inner feelings, I changed my address. It was really silly of me, come to think of it. After some time, I started to give out the address and now it welcomes any Tom, Harry Dick who stumbled here. I just have to slow down on the bad-mouthing just in case a mutual friend is reading :P

Well I can sit in front of the computer for hours, writing and surfing so one fine day, my flatmates and I were discussing in the kitchen about making some cash by advertising and blogging. Pisa got her
Pussycat a couple of months back. Boss suggested that we could make money out of it considering there are many full-time bloggers making thousands of dollars income on monthly basis or solely on advertising. I must say both Pisa and I are primitive people with the Net-biz so under supportive guidance of the only man in the house, I managed to become a member at PayPerPost which provides ads on blogs.

I am very much a beginner but like I wrote in my previous post, I'm lovin' it already! Whenever the dashboard loads, I feel elated to see the opportunities available for me to select from! Although it is very much limited to my standard since I am a n00b, I still have interesting titles to suscribe to! Their instructions are so simple, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to lock and load HTML codes hahahaahaa

But uhmmm.. I am not paid yet for my
first PPP entry because it has to be reviewed first. No worries though, I have a flair for writing and I am pretty sure those folks will approve of it :) I visited blogs of the PPP Top Bloggers and they are amazing! No wonder they earn so much. Most of them are from US and theres this Colleen lady who made freaking USD12,558 from PPP entries! As for me, I hope to get USD5.01 soon LOL