Monday, June 25, 2007

Much Missed

Summer holidays this year definitely feels different. My flight home was smooth but an hour delayed from Dubai-KL. Dree, Galvin and Amy (Julea's sister) waited for me at the Arrivals. Buggers pulled a prank on me, silently waited to see if I walked up to some red-shirt fellas. I did LOL

We went for a drink at Starbucks in Subang. Dree is shorter than the height I imagined. Galvin is chatty while Amy.. shes alright. I am glad to see Mummy again. Aunt Amy and Mei Mei were in the house too. We spent hours catching up by talking about Daddy. Word is, almost everyone's struck 4D. Few relatives have dreamt of Daddy and he seems to be doing good in the other realm.

Mummy is busy arranging for prayers for him to lessen his karmic debts and in hopes of freeing his spirit sooner. We will be down to JB this weekend for a Buddhist convention and also to attend my cousin, Siao Ping's wedding. Mummy was reluctant to go at first but since they asked around and insisted, we shall drop by :) Woohooo! I shall wear one of my dresses!

Now I dont have my computer in my room plus the landline's cut off. I am over at 1st House Auntie's. I havent but anyone but Sha last night with Dree, Galvin and Damien. Damn cool guys LOL Sha said so herself. We were at Triple8! I hope to hang out with more friends soon. I havent even got my own Maxis line. Since we dont have a car now, it isnt covenient to move about. Mummy's ordered the Proton Wira and payments will be made today. Very cute. Its baby blue in colour :)


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