Friday, June 15, 2007

Lost Drive

Paediatrics exam is next Monday and no one in the house is doing revision. My problem is that I dont know WHAT to study! Dr.Shisov never taught us anything both the semesters and my notes (if I can bring myself to calling them that) are worse than scrap papers.. I seriously dont know how its gonna go :(

Seelahhh. I have Saturday and Sunday left *fingers crossed* I will definitely cram something into my head. At least the basic normal measurement for kids and some infectious diseases. We will have MCQs first and my guess is that, we might even get avtomat if we do really well in MCQs. Avtomat is like exemption from exams. Just park myself beside a helpful smart ass that morning and who knows, miracle might happen!

Newflash!! For friends who are regular visitors of my BLOG might notice additional links are attached at the side and above. Rules and regulations on the agreement page stated that I shouldnt post any form of writings or advertisements which will influence others to support my uhmmm.. lets say money-making scam LOL So I better not comment too much about it. My site is barenaked now, opened to public globally on the Net but I shall try to maintain it as personal as I can. Everything IS still about me.

If you are curious like a cat and/or smelling something fishy, feel free to email me about it. Just a beginner in this service but I am lovin' it already! I am not ambitious to be like the Singaporean Bitch-Blogger but there is no harm opening doors to new experiences. Yes, I am still talking about my recent discovery in the you-know-what. Hahahahaa. It kills me when my freedom of speech is compromised :P