Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Like Family

It feels great to host dinner for our good friends' parents every year.

Prav, his parents, Wishnu and Dinesh came over this evening. Pisa prepared Palak Paneer, (oh-sooo-yummy) dhal and Boss cooked Curry Vegetables. Prav and his family are vegetarians so that explains why no meat. What did I do? Hahahahahaa I sat around and kept the harmonious chi flowing of course :P

Dinesh was a bit out of place where the older folks were sitting. I hung out with him for a bit in the hall but I wanted to catch up with Prav too. Sighhh. It was a bad move inviting Dinesh over too, should have canceled out on him. But I will see him this Friday at the airport anyways. Speaking of which, I still havent started packing!! :(

Pisa wonders, who will bring our parents around when they come to Moscow next year? True.. it never crossed my mind. Well, I guess I gotta start making a namelist of potential juniors as tour guides LOL