Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hats And Robes II

The second time overwhelmed by a mixture of happy and sad emotion to attend the 6th Year's Graduation Day. There goes all the familiar faces we saw and met when we started out in Pushkin Institute.

From L-R: Me, Prav, Mel, Prav's Ma, Jessie and Kai Yen

Congratulations to Praveen, Kai Yen, Jessie, May, Kelvin, Mandy, Lee and Cheng who are officially Malaysian doctors, Aron from Germany, Hosein and Aida from Iran, Iasonas from Cyprus, Joe and Willy from Gabon, a big group of 88 graduates from India and others from their countries respectively. I only know I will prolly never see any of them again unless fate strings our destiny.

May with a beautiful bouquet.. her impromptu speech was a flop LOL

I feel proud for the parents gathered at the hall of Mallei Teatre. The venue was small and not exactly appropriate to hold such functions but because of the close proximity, I could see everyone from where I was seated. Prav gave a touching speech and in it, he thanked his parents and it was beautiful. Prav has been through a lot here and more than anyone, he deserved to be standing on the pulpit.

From L-R: Denise (Aron's gf), Sascha, Aron, Me, Gulya and Mr.Elsner

Aron's family was there too. His mother, Gulya has always been kind to me and the amount of affection she showered me was too much for an ex-girlfriend to handle. Mr.Elsner seemed happy to see me too LOL His brother, Sascha was watchful at Denise. We took a picture together and I really miss Aron and his family actually. Gulya insisted that I should visit them next January during the winter break. I smiled at that. She kept telling how I am the one for her son and stuff :)

Hahahahaha bunch of jokers, havoc-causing fellas turned doctors

I'm gonna miss these cartoons very much. The people I spent my first few years in Moscow. They were my family. But some of them are staying to do their PGs but Aron's confirmed headed home to Germany. When we hugged and bade farewells, his eyes were teary. I dont know why but I didnt say much to him. I have a feeling I will see him again. Ooohhh tonight we are attending a party at Joe and Willy's LOL They live upstairs on the same building, on the 17th floor.

So the next entry of "Hat and Robes III" will be written for OUR graduation!


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