Saturday, June 09, 2007

Food For Thought V

This is my Scorpio's horoscope on Friendster for the day.

The Bottom Line
You'll gain great satisfaction from affecting other people's lives, so help someone.

In Detail
You have been acting so selflessly lately that many people are wondering what kind of medal you're competing for. But they're just jealous that they can't do the things that you are capable of. So don't let their jealousy or silly comments prevent you from helping other people in the way that you want to. You are getting great satisfaction from affecting other people's lives, so keep doing it as long as you enjoy it. When it starts to feel like work, then you can take a well-deserved break.

I am who I am. Accepting the way things were, things are and things will be doesnt bother me. Daddy's passing was devastating but I have thanked God for taking his suffering away. I dont know how I managed to cope with this mournful event but I did. Most people told me that I have to be strong for my family but the truth is, I became strong because of them.

I wouldnt say that I have helped many people nor affected their lives. If I did, I hope it turned out for the better. I feel that I am a good friend by trying to "be there" but not everyone reacts to my concerned gesture. It is very hurtful lets say.. I were to sincerely ask whats the matter and then told not to be a busybody. Over the years, I have met a number of people from different walks of life. If I were to affect one's life.. I believe it would be my cheerfulness and laughter :)

Jason, Reena and I had a discussion on (many) teenagers who are troubled and have dissatisfaction with their lives that we cannot comprehend. Is being happy really that difficult? Some people cant make friends, some cant make an achievement, some cant make money, some cant make love and there are some who cant make any of them (thats just tragiclahh LOL). Chinese have a saying "The world has no impossibilities, it only fears a determined person". So instead of wallowing in depression, why not try doing something that will change the way they feel? Our forefathers went through toilsome labour and here we are, alive today.. to mope about dissatisfaction? That is just ungrateful.

Perhaps the world is changing. People want to be different, stand out and stuff. But I am sure as hell being negative all the time wont change anything. My stand on this topic is that, it solely depends on the individual's mentality, maturity and manner. Look at my horoscope! Why would anyone be jealous if they cant do the things I am capable of? The society can be very ugly at times. I may have many friends but the ones marked in capital letters are only a handful.

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you