Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Time Score

I cried happy tears today after Therapy exam. My heart ached for the joy of a well-earned 5. My card was fucked up actually. The case was easy- an Angina Pectoris diagnosis with specific characteristics but the 2 theoretical questions nearly killed me.

The first was "Inflammatory/Non-inflammatory cardiomyopathy" (which I skipped during revision but thank God I read through and we discussed a little bit about it last night) but the second wasnt listed among the 38 questions. It was "Fever of unknown origin" and "Antibiotics classification". WTF.

Hohoho. Classic case of irony. What I studied didnt appear and what I skipped stared at me right in the face! I answered to Dr.Papova and she was really nice. She commented that I was excellent but got worse so a 4 would suffice but I protested. I said "Ma'am, I studied and I deserve a 5. Ask me more questions".

I really dont know from where I got the balls to say that LOL She didnt cut me much slack because she asked again on Cardiomyopathy.. every kind of it. From push to shove, I dug out whatever that was at the back of my head and in the end, she was satisfied and said "I see you did study. My congratulations". I saw the "OTL" on my zacheotka.. I zoned out for a few minutes. I did it this time :)

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