Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Concert

My Chemical Romance concert was superb!

Boss, Pisa and I were geared up in black tops for it B) We were considered the older crowd. The kids were trusting their bodies at the speed of Mach1 when I cant even run properly on 30kph. Prolly aged between 15-19? I was amused by some of the freaks of fashion. Since this was my first time, Pisa gave me several heads up about the tips of a concert which I found very informative.

1. NEVER let anyone without an official staff tag touch your ticket. Word is, people pretend to have a look but run away WITH it. That will leave you like a dumbass with no entry.

2. An introductory band always performs first, 3 songs or take up 30-45minutes before the actual band makes their appearance.

3. After the band says "Thank you" and/or other farewell wishes, dont be an idiot and hurrily exit just yet. The band will sing 3 more titles and THEN only end the concert for real. This is vital!

I didnt know most of the lyrics to the songs they sang to but Pisa had a gala! I pulled a Mr.Bean At The Church meaning when I hear the chorus, I went wild screaming and then kept my mouth shut until familiar lines come again :P We met a group Malay boys from our batch, some juniors and a few of them were on the moshpit floor. They all said they came "sajelah" for the sake of a concert. We were surprised they didnt even bother to find out about some songs.

I was hoping BIG time to get into the backstage! It was fun dreaming about getting in LOL The band really sounded great. I guess listening to their mp3s will never be the same again *sighh*. But Pisa insisted we wont listen to them for another year :P Oooohhh one more thing. My Chemical Romance is so vulgar. I was traumatised by the profanities of their vocalist, Gerard Way. But that's attitude LOL

Mr.Way : Hello, you mutherfuckers!!!

Crowd : Wooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!

Mr.Way : How are you, motherfuckers???

Crowd : Woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Mr.Way : Are you enjoying yourselves tonight???

Crowd : Woooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hahahahahaha. There is no reasoning to why the crowd was so monosyllabic. Either they dont understand English well enough or it's just like that. They woohhh-ed at everything. I see the kids dancing, enjoying themselves. I felt old, damn it LOL Boss managed to take some pictures but he wasnt happy with the qualities. I think I might sniff a new digicam soon.

I thanked Pisa for the treat to The Black Parade. I really enjoyed myself and even though I have never heard of them, consider myself exposed :) Ahhhh. If only Smashing Pumpkins will ever come to Moscow.. I would definitely beg, borrow or steal to see them live!!!

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