Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I was envious when my flatmates called home to wish their fathers. Well, I got to wish mine too but I did it by the window whilst looking up in he sky. I told myself this today isnt gonna affect me but who am I kidding. I called Daddy every year and it feels awful not being able to do that anymore. I still have his handphone number in my address book and in my head.

Back then before I left home, Fats and I used to make greeting cards by ourselves for every occassion. It was fun. When I was home in May, I found a paperbag full of these cards our folks collected over the years. From CNY to birthday to Father's/Mother's Day. I spoke to Mum yesterday for over 2 hours on VOIP. Thanks to Victor who gave us his username and password, we can call landline free of charge. She's in Third Uncle's house now. Monday is Daddy's 7th week prayers and after that, we will wait till 7th of August for the final 100th day prayers.

Chinese customs LOL

A couple of friends told me that I impress them with my rich knowledge of Chinese customs and traditions. I guess I do know more than an average Chinese because of my exposure since young. Daddy was a religious man and believed that honouring the Gods and ancestors would bring us blessings. Every 1st and 15th day on the Lunar calendar, our altar are filled with offerings and the scent of incense fill the house. My father always said there are 3 things one person cannot stinge/cheat on (in no order) :

1. Old folks'
2. Medication
3. Temple

If we ourselves arent going to practise them.. who will? The Indians? The whites? Its bad enough their feng shui talk are inaccurate LOL I am a very traditional girl. I surprise myself when one asks about why we do this, what does that mean and the list of explanation for our practices.. chances are, I always manage to answer them :)

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