Friday, June 08, 2007


OoooOohhh yes baby! We went, we sat and we all scored! Thats another 5 on my zacheotka for Infectious Disease. If I hadnt got a 4 for Epidemiology.. I would be on a streak! Tis okay. I am extremely happy so far because all my years here, only this time around I am gaining some dignity for my education LOL

This is Pisa's crook(ed) say on our exams Scared Shitless *readers beware*

Last night before 12am we did a round up discussion on half the topics. Our brains didnt function anymore so Boss and Pisa went to sleep. I stayed up, read about Malaria (yeahh I couldnt overcome my conscience) and napped for 2 hours. We arrived 20mins earlier like everybody else. The picture was classic. 8/10 fellas in the flock had notes in hand, doing some last minute cramming or refreshing.

Guess what I got for cases?

Shigellosis and Meningococcal infection (Meningococcemia)!!!

Hohoho! My revision on enteric infection was worth it! I really feel good about myself. Not only I answered well, I helped Noreen who was shaky with her cases too. It doesnt happen to me often, rarely in fact so imagine! Boss and Pisa both did well. More than anything, we impressed the examiners in this department. Surprisingly, a few of the top students turned out to be a flop. They were yelled at and close to failing. SO.. 2 more papers to go! *laughing hysterically*

I believe it was Daddy's blessings too. He would have been proud to hear over the phone about my results. But then again, from where hes watching me.. I am sure hes smiling :)

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