Thursday, June 14, 2007


Whenever I miss my family in Malaysia, I call home to hear their voices. My folks are like aliens to the machine called computer so the telephone serves them best. Just to have a long catch up, maybe a short one as long as we get to talk. But I am sick and tired of conversation that turns out like this most of the time.

Me : Hello? Ma? Hi, Ma!!! Can you hear me?

Ma : GiZz... rl? IsZzz... that... you? OooZzZohh... hoZZzzw... are you? I miZzZss you so muZzZzch!

Me : Uhhhh... hello? Ma? I cant hear you clearly. Can you hear me? *slightly annoyed*

Ma : ZzzZZZz... yeah... ZZzzZZZZ... ZZzZZzzzzZ... (pauses in between) ... right?

Me : MA!!! I cant hear you... Anyways are you alright? Hows everyone in the family?

Ma : I am fine. Last weekend... (a very long pause) ... was here.

Me : Who? Who was here? Ma, I cant hear... *displeased not knowing who was there*

Ma : And how are you doing, girl? Have you been eating properly?

Me : Ahhhh, I can hear you now. So you were saying someone visited? I am doing good actually. Apart from classes and all, everything is okay. I miss home, Ma. I cant wait for holidays to come. In fact I am planning to book my flight next week!

Ma : Haaarr? Girl, your line is bad-lahhh. I didnt hear a thing you said. What did you say again?

Me : You know what, I will call you back when I get a better calling card...

Ma : Hello? Hello? (assuming the line must have cut off, she hangs up)

Me : .....

OP : Your call has ended, please make your following call *tuuuu-tuuu-tuuu*


Sighhh. I have tried several IDD cards but none ever gave me the satisfaction. I never got to chat long enough to get my ear warmed up! Plus (really) long distance calls especially from Russia-Malaysia, I look for the lowest rates available and those I bought so far are crap! I have like 2 unused ones sitting on my drawer.

Fortunately, I found PINGO that makes Cheap International Call *grins* The name itself makes me happy. PINGO. Not only do they offer maximal low rates, I kinda wonder what profit can they make which these prices LOL I guess as long as I get to benefit from them, I really dont give a damn! The line is always clear, no glitch (maybe sometimes but doesnt annoy me like previous ones) and it doesnt matter what time of the day I make the calls. It could be really late at night or wee hours in the morning since the time difference here is 4-5 hours behind Malaysia.

And when you sign up, you receive 4 hours of free talktime! Cool huh. Ooohhh and I dont have dial gazillion of numbers before the line connects. You know, first the call center, then select language, the pin number and the destination number. PINGO has this PinAccess thingy that only requires pressing a few buttons and voila!