Monday, June 18, 2007

Aron Elsner

This was my last time hanging out with Aron in Moscow. I dont know when we will ever meet again. 5 years? 10 years later? To be honest, I aint a cool ex-girlfriend. I tend to be bitter and bitchy. I bad-mouth about them and keep mostly the bad memories. I may acknowledge 1-2 happy scenes but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It gives me the reason to justify my call I guess.

Today, Aron reminded me the happier days we had together. I felt warmth inside me. It was a wonderful feeling but sad at the same time. Our relationship could never work out because I am strong on my stand of opinions while he refuses to consider other people's point of view. He has god-like complex, he always feels that he is right and superior (in his case "more experienced"). I would be lying if I say I wont miss him at all after hes gone. I do already. Afterall, I did spend 3 years plus of my life here, day in/day out with him.

We were at TGIF's at Atrium Mall. I gave him his graduation present which I deco-ed the frame by myself. I thought I could add some personal touch to it :) He looks haggard and ruffled, unshaven and messy long hair. What a total let go. Pisa stipulated that his world felt apart plus he is 27 this year. All play and no work out. Aron used to be one of the most good-looking fellas around. Serious! LOL

Opening his present wrapped in recycled paper from IKEA

He was careful and curious of its contents. I warned him about fragility

Voila! Ooohh the teddy is from one of the florists in Petaling Street

I made him take this shot :P

Aron said that its a great present. Well he doesnt look teary in the pictures above LOL At the back of the mirror, I wrote him a farewell note with well-wishing and some 2-cents lines :) I enjoy doing collage, always have! It didnt take me too long to find every alphabet from my postcards collection from UK to form "Congratulations Doctor Elsner" and the bottom with "Soon people will say, this man (here) saves the day!".

My ex-boyfriend Aron Elsner and I (2002-2005)

We ate a lot of food actually. Aron had a BBQ burger like always while I had Balsamic Pork Fettucini. Yummy! He had a Lime Margarita towards the end but I only ordered a pot of hot Jasmine tea. I shall see him at the convocation on Thursday :) Hahahahaa my ad for TGIF's Double Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream.. mmMmMMmmMMm.. bliss! I must have overate LOL


Hannan said...

so, when is it gonna be my turn? I'm ur ex also what? haiaya... not fair la dear. Anyway, our photo together last nite not very clear on my camera. Pls send me the one on ur cam so i can post it on my blog!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Pleaselaahhh Hannan. Dont embarass me LOL Dont tell people youre my EX! I have a reputation to keep!

ps. which picture are you talking about?