Monday, June 18, 2007

5th Year Done

Wooooohoooo!! Paediatrics wasnt so badlah. Didnt exactly march into Auschwitz LOL Thats Pisa's classic line. Go into the gas chamber bogel without knowing anything! MCQs was okay. I got 12/20 correct and earlier we had practical exam which I got a 4. The cases I got was Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Croup. Not to say I answered damn well so my mark was rounded up to a 4!! *wide grins*

Damn good results for an exam without ammunition! All in all, I got two 4s and six 5s for the entire semester :) I faired my best ever. Back then I was too much of a lala student. Except for Paediatricslahhh.. sadly it was the last paper so most of us were struck with Last Paper Syndrome with symptoms of laziness and procrastination. Aaahhh reminds me so much of 4th Year's last exam. So I am officially done with 5th Year. When I return in September, I will be in my final year!

I am meeting Aron later to give him his graduation present. I have a line of events lined up for the entire week! Tomorrow Boss, Pisa and I will go to Auschan for stock and in the evening I will attend the dinner with our PM. On Wednesday, drop by Ismailovskii Park for souvenirs then in the evening Dinesh will be over, Thursday attend the 6th Year's convocation and *jeng, jeng, jeng* my flight is on Friday!! I reach KLIA at 2pm++. Dree and Galvin (peeps from mIRC I have never met before LOL) will be picking me up :)