Saturday, May 26, 2007


I was out with Aron for lunch today. Its weird that sometimes I enjoy our meetings, sometimes I dont. He is lifeless. I couldnt seem to chat about anything with him because nothing interests him. He either scoffed or pouted. Until he started to yawn, I called for the bill.

Our waiter at ETAGE on Tverskaya St. was really cute. My groupmate was there once and he highly recommended that restaurant to us. It was pretty cozy I must say. I didnt like the interior much since it looked like a fusion of .. I dont know.. some IKEA deco lookalikes. I had Vegetarian Quesadillas while Aron had Tomato soup and a Hamburger (so much for his strict diet LOL).

Moscow is so hot! Pisa got tanned just by going to and back from class. Of course the Russian girls' are almost close to nudity. I am trying to wear as little as I can. Lucky when I returned from Malaysia.. it was still chilly so for the entire week I could wear black tops! Damn itlahhh.. how to study with the scorching sun?

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