Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pretty Gals

My popularity on Friendster is up and rising lately LOL I have random fellas sending me smiles while a few are on the request list to be added as friends. Not like I will ever approve since I try not to add strangers. I received an invitation in my inbox today to join the "Pretty Gals Club". I nearly fell off my chair from laughing too hard. Pisa was speechless and kept muttering "what the fuck.." :P

You’re invited to have a visit at Pretty Gals Club.
It was established on May 2007.
This club is strictly for Malaysian pretty girls only.
Eligible club members (refer rules of joining) will only be added.
Join us if only you think you're eligible to be one of the club's members.
We will accept only those who really deserve to be part of our club member.
Club member will receive a testimonial, indicating that u r certified as the pretty one.
Welcome to Pretty Gals Club ~~


I cant bring myself to join this club. Whichever delusional person (I assume its a Chinese girl/guy) because seems to me only Chinese girls are on its list. It will be an insult to myself and to the real pretty girls I know because this account is just bastardizing the word- pretty. The pictures posted are mostly studio pictures which usually makes girls look extra hot. Oddly, some of the members dont even look "okay" nevermind the "pretty".

And I got an invitation LOL

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