Friday, May 18, 2007


I want a tattoo in remembrance of Daddy. I doubt Mummy will approve the idea but I am sure she wouldnt see it as such a bad idea. Didnt take me too long to make up my mind of what to get though. When I was home, Sha and I had a discussion about it. My best is positive now is the right time and age for one. She wants one to reward herself in education. Weve come a long way.

I have made up my mind for my surname in Chinese. A small-sized character. I will bear my husband's surname when I am married but my "chen" will be on me forever. Daddy once said "however much I love my daughter.. she still belongs to other family at the end of the day". For this, I aint gonna let go of my surname. Though I doubt my future-in-laws will be pleased LOL

I am thinking if only the character alone, it will be on my right arm. Simple and plain. Then I browsed on some tattoo design sites.. I might add vines and floral art, perhaps twirled around the character. THEN it would below my neck. That all depends once I am back in Malaysia. My best is looking up for cherry blossoms. Dree helped me modify the design on an old photo of mine which more or less will look like that.

I would really like to have bougainvillea as the floral design. Why? Because Daddy loved gardening. He had a few pots of bougainvilleas and every summer when I came home, they always blossomed and Daddy would say "they bloom for you to welcome you home". I miss Daddy so much. So, so much :( I know this tattoo will be very meaningful. It is for my father- the only man who loved me most in the world.

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