Friday, May 25, 2007


Paediatrics practical exam yesterday was okay. Our teacher conducted Group 6 and theirs, us. She was a pretty jolly lady but made us performed our skills accurately anyways. No joke on that one. Mun Yee partnered with me. Phew! Thank God she did because I wasnt too sure of myself.

Our patient was a 9-year-old Korean girl. She was tiny (under-developed actually) and seemed innocent LOL She cooperated with us fine unlike a few our groupmates got. Mel's kid hid under the bed and kept chanting "fuck" to him. Tsk, tsk. According to Group 6, our teacher was rather strict with them. Well that was surprising because Dr.Shisov is very lenient with us *shrugs*

I came home like a zombie. I havent slept much for the past few nights. I hadnt slept the night before to do revision. Wishnu came over and Reena cooked some delicious Chinese dishes. I wanted to take a nap but stayed to yak anyways. It was fun making the dumbest jokes and laughing like we always do.

Immediately after Wishnu stepped out of the apartment, I crashed in my bed till 7am. Fooooshhh! Talk about energy recharged! I had another dream of Daddy this morning. We were chatting, I was telling him about my Psychiatry class.. dealing with the mental patients and all. Gabby said I think too much. I doubt thats the reason. Whatever the reason is, I aint complaining :)

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