Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Dream

Yesterday was Daddy's 3rd week of mourning. Mummy was in Bkt. Mertajam for prayers. I slept from 8pm last night and woke up at 3am to find Jason and Reena studying MCQs for Infectious Disease exam. I joined them until they headed off for class at 730am. I should get ready for class but instead I went back to bed.

And I dreamt of Daddy. The location was at Ah Mah's house when someone yelled loudly that Mummy was driving home. I ran to the front gate. I saw Mummy behind the wheels, Daddy sat next to her and Fats was at the back of the car. Mummy and Fats didnt seem to see me because Mummy started to drive off. I grabbed hold of Daddy's hands. He looked like how I last saw of him. He seemed relaxed and seated comfortably.

I asked him multiple questions, Daddy answered few and told me that he was okay. Told me to be good and study hard. My pace quickened to catch up with the car. I asked if he visits me. Daddy nodded. Sadly in my dream, I panicked and cant remember much of the conversation. He advised me not to fight with my friends and the deal about who cared and who did not doesnt matter. He said I am appreciated.

Then I asked him how he moves around.. does he fly to me, fly about or what? He answered in these exact words.. "Hmmm.. something like that". Mummy had driven off the curb and I woke up. I miss Daddy so much. I know he definitely came into my dream and I refuse to believe anything else. He really did. I couldnt help but sobbed loudly as I prepared to leave the house.

Later I called Mummy who was on her way back to KL. She listened attentively and told me 2 incidents.

1. Our neighbour Mrs.Lin came over to water the pot plants. She rang Mummy up and said "Ehhh.. your husband came home. There was a huge butterfly (she meant moth) flying in and out of the house, around the garden for a long time".

2. Mummy told me.. "I dreamt of your father too. He brought me to this place. There were things lying around so I asked to whom they belonged to. He told me not to bother, they were not his and walked me elsewhere. It looked like a well-kept house and he had everything".

I am religious as much as I am a believer.. I told my friends and they werent one bit surprised. They said Daddy and I shared a very close bond so it was natural for him to come in my dreams. You know.. a moth flew into Ah Mah's house during the prayers at the funeral. Daddy watches over us. I am sure of it. I wish he would come into my dreams more often. I miss him so much.

ps. I fought with Quek yesterday in class. He said I dont appreciate people who never expressed their condolences in actions (which isnt true). Its a long story but seems to me.. Daddy heard it all.

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3K said...

I think it was in early August that I had a dream in which I saw my father dead in a casket. When I awoke, I had somewhat forgotten the dream until I was chatting with a friend and it dawn on me again. I cried then but I didn't take further action. I was living away from home and consumed with my own life. I could have gone back every weekend. I wanted to but there was always a reason why I didn't make that 15 minute drive back: Oh I need to clean the house, ah it was such a tiring week, um whylah? since we just watch t.v anyways...

Then came the news at the end of September.

Do you ever wish you could do a medical procedure that swaps your life force with the person you are holding hands with? I think its a Twilight Zone or Star Trek episode...

I wonder if I will dream of father again once he passes.