Friday, May 11, 2007


I couldnt find the courage to BLOG about my father's passing on 1 May 2007. He had been ill but I was never informed details of his condition. Daddy rests in peace now.. Though he may not be with us physically.. I know he is in spirit.

I loved Daddy my entire life. Mummy is much stronger than I am. She is the one woman I respect most. She carried out her duty as a loving wife till Daddy's last breath. Fats is far more emotionally stable. All I did was cried so much and hard.

Gabriel drove me with Sha and Sharon from KLIA to Bukit Mertajam. I am thankful for they came along. If I were to be alone.. I would have sobbed the entire 4-hour journey. A month or two before, Daddy had accepted that his days were outnumbered and without wasting time nor money, he made arrangements. From casket services to choice of prayers and request to be cremated. He assured Mummy that everything was going to be okay. I miss Daddy. I miss him so very much.

Here is
My Best's Say On Daddy's Passing.

Many relatives and friends came to pay their respects. Events like this are usually solemn and in grief but for some reasons, a few pleasant incidents took place and I cant help but believe that they were Daddy's blessings. I encountered spiritual experiences which will forever remain in my memories. Daddy was a good man. I have always told people stories of him and I will keep telling.

I am mourning but I will be strong. Mummy says I shouldnt be sad anymore because Daddy wouldnt want to see me that way plus it makes people around me sad too. I should move on knowing that Daddy isnt suffering anymore. He watches over us and we will say prayers for him.

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