Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bipolar Disorder

Subjects this cycle are Paediatrics and Psychiatry. Both make me cry (in boredom). Sunny and Victor have been down with flu for weeks. They attend class coughing and spreading germs so Dr.Shisov is reluctant to round the Kid's wards with us. We only discuss cases indoors after MCQs.

Psychiatry is a total waste of time because Dr.Kilkulkina is too busy with her mental patients. If we were to admit ourselves in the dept, we would definitely get more attention from her. We get to see patients but so far they are all depression cases. Most of them look ghastly but you cant really tell if they are *flip my index finger on my temporal* ... cuckoo. I am hoping to see some Schizophrenias soon.

I feel okay. Daily activities and in the company of friends pretty much help adjust my life back to normal. I think about Daddy when I am alone though. Few minutes before I sleep, on journeys to class and back. Sometimes I still talk about Daddy in present tense. I wonder what is he doing now. Like where is he and is he okay. Chinese people always get dreams about their loved ones who passed on. I havent dreamt any. I wonder if Mummy or Fats have.

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