Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wish-wishu Vishnu

Epidemiology class was damn boring. Sat through it anyways. I headed home and the highlight of the day was Wishnu's visit! Pisa called him over for her Palak Paneer dish. It was a terrific when she cooked it the other day!

The baby of the family rang the door bell hours past ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) hehehe Wishnu is a real darling. Always pleasant (and can be torturing) to have him the house LOL Let him be the theme of my entry today.

So we lepak-ed in the kitchen, caught up on each others current activities, had a good laugh at ourselves and refreshed the old memorable events dated as far back as our Pre-Med days (2002). Dinner was delicious. I bought Lavash bread on my way home earlier so I had it instead of rice. The picture above, you can see how comfortable Wishnu is grabbing a bottle of lemon tea from the fridge while Pisa looks on.

It was food for thought when Pisa asked years from now, after we graduate.. will it be easy to make new friends whom you could hug affectionately, make jokes and laugh with like we do now? Nobody knows really because the bond we share here is something else. We are a bunch of late teens who came to a foreign unfriendly non-English speaking country when we found each other :)

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