Thursday, April 26, 2007

Myata Cafe

I havent slept enough for the past few days because of the UEFA Champions League matches. Around 2pm I met Pisa, Boss and Mel at MYATA Cafe (Russian: Mint) at M.Spartivnaya :) Since Mel wanted a new location, we opted for that place this time.

The interior is unique.. dim, floral and ornamental. Their curtains are glittery with butterfly clips, some crystal chains hanging at the bar, pretty bouquets of flowers in vases and their sofas are made of maroon-coloured (artificial) snake skin. I like their tables with black ivy prints. There were a few corporate fellas having their lunch but it was pretty empty.

We all had non-alcoholic mint cocktails. I ordered Mint Mango, Pisa had Berry-ish Mint while Boss and Mel had Mint Orange. The drinks were loaded with mint. Mel insisted they plucked from their garden LOL The leaves were crushed with ice. I was chewing the stems and leaves. Perhaps it was the ambience, our conversation wasnt heavy. Mel had sushi which smelled really fishy. He didnt comment much about it.

There were several leaflets that came with the bill. MYATA Cafe gives out free cocktails for customers who come in green outfit, then price of 1 for 2 Mint cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights, Friday nights shisha are for free and there was another offer and because we came in during Lunch hours, our bill had 30% off hehehee We shall patronise that place again!

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