Monday, April 23, 2007


So for the past 4 days starting after coming home from MOCMAPT on Wednesday evening, it was just laziness to the core. We did stock up like everybody else in for the lockdown but mostly with junks! I boiled Radish soup with red dates and corn. Yummy!

I spent 90% of my free time watching movies. Cant remember which day it was when I felt the need to be inspired but I couldnt find my all time favourite movie The Gladiator. I picked everything else from Boss and Pisa's collection from Troy to Lucky Number Slevin to Veronica Guerin and piles of others. It was fun rewatching the old movies. Pisa read her porn e-books while Boss played games mostly.

Called my folks again and Daddy sounded better. It was a relief, really. Fats on the other hand.. didnt mention anything about the race anymore. I was very addicted to adding pictures to my previous posts in the archives like January 2006 and February 2006. Strong nostalgia. I guess because we were given a break which I could have gone to UK to spend time with Khalid, only this time I couldnt. Ooohh well. Things dont always come your way right?

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