Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ill News

1. Fats was really excited since last week for his BIG race. He had been training for the past year.. for today. Sadly he lost. I have yet to find out what went wrong because he didnt even make it into 30th place. His coach told him he could at least finish 6th. Fat's exact words were "I have failed. I have failed my coach and myself". I wish I could say more to make my baby brother feel better. Oohhh Fats *hugs*

2. I finally gathered the courage to call home to ask about Daddy's condition. He went to HUKM on Monday because of the hiccup which lasted for 2-3 days. It was torturing. They fixed the hiccup, pumped out toxic/waste/fluids from his stomach but problem now is, Daddy can hardly eat. He gets bloated with gas. He is feeling very weak. I was trying hard not to cry because he couldnt really speak.. words were more or less moaned and then he passed the phone to Mummy :(

Mummy is taking care of him and most importantly she has to take care of herself too. 2 more months till I fly home. I wish Daddy's health improves. He shouldnt be suffering, damn it! Apart from his gambling addiction, he is a good man. Ohhh Mummy said hes got himself a driver to send him for his Mahjong daily. WTF!! Anything that makes him happylarr.. I wish June 22 will be here asap!!

3. We have a long weekend break as of tomorrow for Hitler's birthday. We get this yearly to prevent death toll rise on the foreigners. God knows how many idiots today are still avid followers of the German tyrant. They were bolder back then, killing in public and tragedies always took place along Mikluho-Maklaya Street. The hostels are in a complete lockdown- no entry/no exit. Pfftttt.

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