Thursday, April 12, 2007


Under financial circumstances, I thought it would be a smart move to shift back into the the (dreadful) hostel. I went to the Dean's Office yesterday, found out theres a free single room available. Usual shit excuse- "must pay fast". I hate making last minute decisions. Especially when there is only one pro and the rests are cons.

I never wanted to leave Nikulinskaya Street anyways. I love staying with Pisa and Boss. Let me state that even though I am THE maid, I am allowed to use the house phone, the laptop, the digicam and lie on their bed to watch TV LOL After discussing with them and called Mummy.. I have decided that I am soooo staying put!

As I was walking home, I whipped out the camera and snapped a few pictures of my crib.

We usually drop by here if we run out of milk, vegetables, small small stuff because big scale grocery shopping is done in the Ashan hypermarket. We buy in bulk then. Only 2x monthly. We used to go fortnightly but because of the change in my diet regime and their way of cooking has also changed, we go there less now.

This is a common sight around of the neighbourhood when the weather is good. Today isnt cold, slight cloudy but when the sun peeks out.. its eye-blinding. There were many young mothers and their prams then this one Babushka (Russian=grandmother) reading the papers.. not a bad capture ehhh :)

So you can see the fa├žade of an average Russian apartment. Looks like shit with cracked walls but the house interiors can be really nice depending on its tenants ie.our neighbour next door. Ours is not too badlarrr. I should stop planning useless ways to save money. The only effective way for me is to stop shopping! LOL

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