Sunday, April 01, 2007


Daddy's health has been deteriorating for the past year. He has been diabetic for nearly 2 decades under no control of his sugar level and never did bother as long as he felt "fine". His indisciplinary act has caught up. He is suffering from the complications such as polyneuropathy, muscle atrophy, poor vision, encephalopathy, perhaps more.

I called home today, Daddy told me I nearly lost both of them. They got into an accident on the highway, the car overturned several times few days back. Daddy is fine (God bless) but Mummy has superficial bruises and sore all over. I really dont know what to say. Terrible month, terrible year for these events to happen.

You know. I feel like hitting myself after I found out what happened. The argument I had with Daddy a few days back, I was still unsettled about it. I told Pisa I planned on not calling home this weekend just to spite Daddy since he hung up on me. I am such a horrid daughter for scheming unfilial thoughts in my head. I am so ashamed of myself. Daddy provides me everything and I wanted to avenge over a small matter.

Mummy called to say that the "Jackie issue" is fine now so call my Dad. Seriously, if Mummy didnt call me last night, I wouldnt have called home today. OMG. I really feel like hitting myself *cries* Touch wood but if something really happened to them.. I actually had bottled up anger with Daddy while all he thought about was how much he loves me. I am such an idiot. I really am.

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