Monday, April 16, 2007


Cheng the founder and folks from Kahovskaya hostel started a forum at last week. Attendance was sky high in the beginning.. with them posting all kind of topics and replies LOL Of course I joined and later all the apartment-renting folks signed up as well.

I thought maybe because the other members cant exactly handle substantial topics or issues that require rather wide knowledge and tuning to the world.. they all have mellowed down. Kinda sad really but then again, word is that the Golden Wi-Fi forbids them from posting. Dunnolah. If they have ran out of thrash to talk, I guess thats too bad. It was fun to read them banging about each other actually.

Then the topic of Flea Market was set up so I eagerly created another account to sell some of my clothes which I dont wear anymore. Clothes which I never really wore to be exact! But most of the fellas frowned upon it, no one responded even when I put up stuff for sale with my own username. For the few days I ransacked, dug out the potential items and messed up the room! Hahahaa ohhh well. Time to place them back into the boxes I guess *shrugs*

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