Sunday, April 08, 2007


4 years since Melissa's passing.. I did write an entry today in 2005. Hmmm what would have happened if she didnt take the plunge? Would she be happy again? Would our Group 3 be any different? Maybe Aksan wouldnt have been our groupmate because they would be 11 fellas.. all the unknown answers.

Its Easter Sunday. Pisa is the only Christian in the house but we didnt do anything. We had pancakes for brunch though. That was a treat :) Its snowing again, this happens yearly before it officially turns warm. Ohhh just when I cleared all my winter jackets away. Pffttt!

I havent been in the best of moods lately actually. Apart from the ballet last night, all my energy used up from prancing around. Perhaps also lack of sleep I guess. Dont even feel like talking much to Pisa and Boss. I wanna go home. Dad is still ill and sounds weak. Sighhhh. What to do?

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