Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fine Arts

New cycle has started and this month consists of Gynaecology, Surgery and Epidemiology. Good thing that classes end pretty early and free, bad thing that we have to rely on self-study because the teachers dont teach much, if any at all *sighh*

I finally visited the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts! There was no queue nor crowd control. I have been there actually, with my Pre-Med classmates back in 2002. Instead of a quick walkthrough, I spent a total of 4hours inside this time. Took my own sweet time through the gigantic halls of Italian, Dutch, French and Spanish arts, the museum's permanent exhibitions of Babylonian artifacts, Egyptian collection, Ancient civilization findings, Greek and Roman sculpture displays etc. The entire building is huuuuge! I had to sit on the benches a few times to rest my legs hehehe I really loved the paintings of angels and mythology creatures, works of Rembrandt.. mostly European paintings from the 17th Century. My neck ached from looking at the ceiling for too long :P

Sometimes I wish there were a fellow museum/gallery enthusiast like myself. It would be really nice to discuss our experience, opinions and make some 2-cent statements about it. But then again, the thought about an obligation kinda sucks. I mean.. you either spend too much or too little time in these places. Better to be free roaming on your own I think. I really enjoy my hobby. Its not like I pretend to like what I see or act as if I understand what they potray. I just.. enjoy looking at them.

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