Saturday, April 28, 2007

Epi Exam

Okay.. the subject I thought was useless is finally over and done with. We pretty much studied global statistics on diseases, demographics, more diseases, prevention, vaccination and such. Doesnt sound useless come to think of it.

In my opinion, the teacher assigned to the group plays a vital role to convey his/her knowledge to her students. Some are great doctors, educationists but suck at teaching. Our teacher for this subject unfortunately, was a pain in the ass. I know, I know.. that aint an excuse not to excel in the exam.

Anyways. Epidemiology exam took place this afternoon and I sat with Prof.Chinko (seemed like a really nice man). But like the ill factors for analytical studies, he was rather bias. I dont know. I felt he was so. I got a 4 (=B) which was okay. I still felt I deserved better. My answers were shaky but they werent wrong. Fine. Doctors have to be perfect. But its over. Thats a comfort.

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