Saturday, April 28, 2007


Ajed (today is his birthday) was so apologetic when he called. The office issued my ticket with some wrong code so I had to bring it back to them to correct it. Pfftt. Aeroservice Ltd is located inside the Geological University at the junction of Ulitsa Volgina, remember Steven 226? Uh huhhh. I was afraid I might bump into him! LOL

I went into the office and finally met the mysterious man in person. Ajed gets commission by bringing him customers. The director's name is Dr. Azad (prolly Indian or Sri Lankan.. I cant place his accent). The price he quotes is almost US$100 cheaper than the airline's main office!

Hehehee he looks like an Uncle from the Mamak right? Dont you feel like ordering teh tarik or Roti Telur from him? I waited an hour for his assistant to transport the tickets over. How dumb was that. I waited, had some chit-chat with him and I dont deny that he is a friendly man. Dr. Azad made me hot tea while I studied the World Map :)

ps. I asked for permission to snap a pic of his office. I told him I am a writer. He even posed for me!

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