Saturday, April 07, 2007


It was amazing! Simply amazing!! I remember in 3rd year I think, I always passed by the gigantic billboard of Swan Lake performed by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe but I never got to catch it. This year they came again and voila, I am so damn glad that I went!

I dragged Quek along. For 1100pyb@ RM146 per ticket (my heart achedlahh.. I expected to pay less) the seats were quite good. Their performance was spectacular! At first Quek dreaded to go, kept saying he was going to sleep blah, blah, blah. Guess what. He was at the edge of his seat. Idiot. The story was similar to the Tchaikovsky's classics only some parts were modified. I havent watched the original one but this was definitely much more colourful from the costumes to the backdrops and all :)

The Russians loved it, as much as I did. Their balancing acts were impressive, swinging from pole to pole, dancing on a tight rope, like this picture I attached.. the Swan Princess was so steady. You dont need me to tell you that THIS requires skills LOL It reminded me of the Wild Zebra show back in KL which Gabby brought me to a couple of years ago.. it was also performed by them. Damn glad I didnt hesistate to purchase the ticket. It was sooooo worth it. They might return next year, I wouldnt mind going for it again then!

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