Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I had a row with Daddy over the weekend. I tried to stand up for Fats because he gets alot of pressure from Daddy on his studies. God knows how hard my baby brother is studying, pushing himself for As and more As, juggling between books and training. He has achieved much so far and I am very proud of him. My Daddy is always complaining. To him, Fats is "not there yet".

Being apple of the eye is no fun. Hurts to hear that Fats is being lectured 24/7. He cant relax on his games, he seems to be an eyesore to Daddy (okayy.. i might be exaggerating). Now my own father is mad at me, for "framing" and "scolding" him things he didnt commit. My foot he didnt! He is very delusional. And all I said to him was to cut Fats some slack, be fair, I know he wants to push him for all As in his A'Levels but for his recent exam, he had scored 2As and 3Bs! At least be happy for him!

Dunnolahh. Daddy refuses to answer my calls, hung up on me the last time we spoke. Why the hell is he so mad at me for? I had it cominglahhh, bound to kena sooner nor later. Just wait and see, summer's gonna be a blast alright. This isnt over just yet. Fats need scholarship for his education, I totally understand. With melodious grades, he wouldnt stand a chance to getting one. But that isnt the point! I just dont want Daddy to be so harsh with him! Sighhh.. forget itlah. Making me sick only :(

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