Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Smart Call

I had my Traumatology exam today. Didnt exactly prepare since Melvin Lim and I agreed "you need your brains to answer" so just relaxed only. Flipped through those very incomplete notes of mine. In the morning, I didnt expect myself to turn the alarm clock off LOL Rushed and got there at sharp 9am!

My question card was okay. I had no clue on no.2's Congenital muscular torticollis. Asked left and right, no one heard of it before! Hehehee guess what I did. Everyone should be in class so I called Khalid! :P Luckily he was awake! Sounded so fresh somemore. Hahahaa he sms-ed me the answers! I felt so sorry for him because he types letter by letter. Imagine thousand words he had to type for definition, diagnosis and treatment!

Dr.Konstantin aka The-Very-Handsome-But-Suspicious-Of-Being-Gay was pleased with my answers! Thanks to Khalid! I got a 5. Hehehee I guess he isnt gaylahhh. Made some 2-cent jokes, smiled and all. I was the 1st from my group to go upfront. Tomorrow is Women's Day and its a big deal to the Russians. Not that I celebrate since I get "You are still a girl" LOL Same shit, different year.

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