Saturday, March 17, 2007


I felt like waving a stick around like the Mr.Burns-look-alike conductor at the orchestra :P It was nice. All my groupmates showed up, some Malay girls from Group 6, Melvin Lim, J2 and Hwong's brother too. I didnt know M.Baumanskaya area is so classy. The roads were clean, empty and people around seemed to be pretty decent.

The orchestra performance was held at the Moscow State Technical University auditorium. Huge place, simple and new according to our Philosophy teacher. The band has old and young members, they are called the Neopolitan Assembly of H.D. Misailova. I enjoyed several tunes performed by the orchestra, a duet by Evgenia Darina and Vadim Ckvortzov entitled Traviata which sounded really beautiful and a tenor's solo. Cant remember exactly which title *checking at the leaflet*... but all in all, I had a good time and did not fall asleep :)

Its officially spring time now with bright, bright sun! There isnt any heat yet but I am sure there will be soon and ha! The Metro will be packed with smelly people. Russians just dont know how to accomodate to warm weather. Daylight savings will be off on the last Sunday of March (thats next week!) then comes April, May, exams and home sweet home!! :)

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