Monday, March 12, 2007

No Facts

It is very irritating how smart certain peeps are, yet they are just as stupid at the same time. Or ignorant, whichever adjective that doesnt make me sound too harsh. They may be the best students in the field but once the topic goes out of it, they just dont know anything else! I find that kinda sad, really.

I know Philosophy doesnt teach us how to treat a patient but it IS an interesting subject. We learn about Hippocrates, Confuscious, Plato and a lot of famous folks. Of course it would have been nicer if the teacher teaches in English but thats not the point. The point I am stressing here is I hear questions like "Why must we learn this?" and "For what?". Dont they see that its beneficial to have extra knowledge?

Sometimes I hear the dumbest things out from their mouth. They assume and come up with shit statements that they themselves probably dont even understand. I dont really wanna name names because who am I to judge right? I guess at the end of the day, if all youre gonna do is stay in the hospital to treat, you wont need to talk about anything else *shrugs*.

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