Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nasi Lemak

Oof. I am SO bloated! I went to Kahovskaya hostel for brunch! My group is very united lately. Didnt attend class together, having big cookouts and next Friday we are doing Japanese food at Ginno Taki somemore. By the time I arrived.. ikan bilis, peanuts, hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs and sambal were prepared already. Victor had just started cooking the Curry Chicken and Rendang Kambing. Yums!

May, Lee and Yun Kin joined us. This treat was actually sponsored by Douglas but Mun Yee paid for the ingredients first LOL Douglas was teasing that we might as well thank Mun Yee because he isnt planning to pay her back! Hehehe sometimes I must say my groupmates can be pretty humourous. We watched clips of Ian Benardo and I introduced them to his single which in turn I was accused of being his fan :P

I left around 5pm when everyone was taking an afternoon nap. Its kinda shitty in the sense that their Internet connection is faulty, no TV unless you have some company to doing whatever activity available. I was on Bus no.226 and this black guy tried to hit on me! He spoke English, a Steven from Ivory Coast, studying Geology at that university smacked at the junction Ulitsa Volgina.

Well he did seem decent but no thanks! I swear I jumbled up my number but he managed to call me! Unless I thought I had jumbled them.. guess not. My bad. He called again at 10pm. This time, Prav handled him. He sounded stern and steady, told him not to call again LOL Phew! I dont know what Steven's intention is but I aint gonna give him any. Danger, Joe!

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