Sunday, March 18, 2007

Its Here!

Yes! Finally my waaaaaaay over-dued period had lined a red carpet this morning! I dont recall being this happy.. wooohooo!! But I have also forgotten how sucky it feels with the cramps and backaches of mine. Nevermind that! LOL

So now my plan is, once after my period is cleared.. I will go visit Dr. Keremet and have an ultrasound. Check if my endometrium is still so thick or not. I hope not because if it is thicker than normal.. I might need a D&C to scrape out the old probably dried up blood on the lining. I seriously dont want complications nor low fertility in future...

Rest assured peeps! I am back in business! (hopefully). Oohh and I have decided NOT to attend Clinical Pharmacology lecture tomorrow. I want to stay in, rest and bum around hehehee I spoke to Fats earlier and I am very proud of him. He told me he was the leader of his group in the Science Camp competition and they had won! Ahhh my brother IS really something :)

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