Saturday, March 10, 2007


Pisa (who skipped Epidemiology this morning) and I (who memang got no class on Saturday) were supposed to meet Boss at the opposite bus-stop but Pisa's tiger eyes caught him inside the bus no.720 so we quickly hopped on! LOL What perfect timing!

We went to check out the 2-day old MosMart Hypermarket.

We had hopes if things there are nicer, we would boycott Ashan! But because it is so new, shops arent opened yet. Just the hypermarket. Hmmm.. we didnt purchase much stuff, just supplies for the weekend, ingredients for tonight's Tom Yum steamboat and a lot of junk food. Boycott plan postponed :P

Variety wise, they top Ashan from local to imports to house brand. Quite a mess really, most products had no price labels and slow cashiers. I guess it was our first time there, we also kinda felt out of place unlike in Ashan where we can pick anything we needed with our eyes closed. Hahahaaa I know Pisa definitely can.

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