Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Late

My period is talking a damn long walk and its like waaaaaay delayed. I went to my gynaecologist yesterday, did an ultrasound to find a 15mm (very) thick endometrium layer. Either theres something implanted meaning I am pregnant or it could really be my crippled period on its way.

The dipstick tests I did previously were negative. Took a blood test at the clinic before I left and a couple of hours ago, I spoke to my gynaecologist. There is no human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in my blood. She told me to wait a couple more days for my period to come. Bottomline is.. I am not such a healthy female :(

I have more than half my mind to keep the baby if I were pregnant. Pisa is so supportive and all in to be an aunt :P I will have so much hell to deal with, right from my career, my folks (and relatives) and peers. But I cant help imagining the joy of raising a baby with my best friends. While having a gala picking baby names (Jaguar, Jemaimah, Rococco, Kiowa) LOL

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