Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Group 3

Right now.. as I am feeling it, I would like to BLOG about the peeps I have been studying with since 1st year (2002). Back then, I was blood brothers-sister with Sunny, Quek and Victor. We stuck together in class and after class. Then the most regretful drama with Sunny and Quek took place at the end of 2005-06 changed everything.

A blessing in disguise I guess. Instead of being tight only with the boys like before, I share closer ties with Mun Yee, Hwong, Zhao Ing and Douglas now. Victor stayed put all the way. Perhaps everyone is aware that time is passing fast, we try to do activities together. 2 Sundays in a row.. my groupmates held brunches, this Thursday we are going to attend a Pianoforte at the orchestra place which we ALL attended and then on Friday- lunch at Genno Taki. You know what? I never realised it before.. its awfully enjoyable *smiles*

Strange but the unity is there. No back-stabbing, no more kiasu-ism but of course, bitching once in a while about own groupmates is granted. Hell nobody's perfect LOL Even so, mockery and teasing about each other are out in the open. We discuss and share opinion all the time.. much more expressive and honest with ourselves compared to the earlier years. Those days were difficult for me. I felt so left out.

Sunny is the only one I dont speak to anymore but I am civilised at times. So far only once, when I acknowledged his effort in the Chap Goh Meh Open House. I answered when he asked a question. Otherwise, I feel all conversation with him is uneccessary. I would say I am really affectionate to all of them (well except for one but i dont deny some of his jokes are rather funny). To be honest.. I do love Group 3. Yeahh. I do.

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