Thursday, March 29, 2007

fp Notes

fp=fortepiano means loud-soft note in musical term
pf=pianoforte means just the opposite a soft-loud note

A solo performance on the Pianoforte can be boring especially when the pianist is young, unattractive and zero impression. You expect the pianist to be energetic, plays like hes having a gala to capture the audience's attention right? No.. this one just plays like he was in his granny's living room.
Only Hwong, Zhao Ing, May, Sunny, Douglas, Mun Yee, Sara and myself attended. The entire hall was pretty empty and our Philosophy explained that the pianist, Viyacheslav Griasnov is not very well-known (yet). Douglas enlightened me that the notes he played were from the Romantic period. Thus, they are soft and low-key unlike those you hear in thriller movies. Fair enough :P

There are more performances coming up in April. Pisa, Boss and I might watch the Swan Lake by the Shanghai Troupe. I said might because no one has bought the tickets yet. Of course, next cycle is Gynaecology, Surgery and Epidemiology meaning I can lala to the museums and galleries after class! Niceeee!

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