Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hahahaa its not that I secretly have a crush on my Therapy teacher. Not only is he handsome, tall and has large hands, he is brilliant and caring towards the patients. Today he was in an exceptionally good mood and also gel-ed his hair! My groupmates' bet was that he might have been promoted but I thought he prolly had great sex last night (that was Pisa's first thought when I told her.. pfffttt.. hamsap poh) LOL

ps. snapped in the Doctor's Room when we got bored from listening to 6 patients' case histories

I went to Ismailovskii Park for red dates, rock sugar and wolfberries since these herbs improve blood circulation. Ho-ho-ho! I made a great purchase too! I was inspired by Pisa's 2000pyb Zara babydoll dress and word is, theres a "prom/ball night" in April so I need one. I spotted a red salsa-looking dress which fits me nicely though I will still have to shed my love handles on both flanks for it. Damn good deal for 600pyb!

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