Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chinese V-Day

15th day of Chinese New Year is called "Yuen Siao Jie" (a.k.a Valentine's Day). Back then traditionally.. singletons throw mandarins into the river with their wishes written on them. Hoping they would meet their ideal partners soon/that night.

This year, Kahovskaya threw a big scale Open House. Prepared food from 8pm till noon the next day for 350 people. Menu was grand- fragranced rice, Fried Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Fish with Chef's special dressing, Victor's vegetarian dish, Green Bean for dessert and peanut cookies! I had 2-3 rounds myself LOL

I didnt really enjoy myself to be honest. I had asked Mun Yee earlier if there was a colour theme, she said no. When I arrived, majority was clad in red >( I mingled around, officially introduced myself to Kris, caught up with Danni and other fellas. They were really generous with the portions except for Priscilla who softly mumbled that there wasnt enough vegetables when obviously enough to feed an army.

ps. try to spot me
Packed some food back for Pisa and Boss. It was a success for them. Before I left, I shook Sunny's hand and told him "Well done". He did deserve the compliment. Now fun's over.. we have Traumatology exam next Wednesday. Pffttttt. All my notes are incomplete :P

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