Friday, March 23, 2007

Catch Up

Clinical Pharmacology ended earlier. The last time I met Aron was somewhere in December meaning 3months ago. He looked good, came clean shaven, nicer hairstyle and I thought he had lost weight. We headed to Ginno Taki which is a nice place by the way.. cant wait to go there with my groupmates next Friday :)
I spoke of myself mostly. I cant remember if I mentioned that he has a girlfriend for more than a year now. She is 9years younger than him, childish and I have seen her pictures. I thought she looked more like a replacement. I wanted to pry more about his relationship but guess what he said? He said "Why do I feel that you are jealous?" LOL

I know he wishes but I am not. I am curious if he had changed, thats all. Its still awkward to hang out with him and I always try my best to act normal. He has this longing look like hes not totally over me yet.. *shrugs* He told me that time is passing too fast, suggested that we should meet more often because there is not much time left. He even told me to invite him to my museum visits!

His girlfriend is somewhat like my case. She comes to Moscow. I asked if I could meet her and he denied it :P I told him about Khalid whom he wasnt interested to hear, just "hmmm" and "emmm" to him. I guess at most I might just meet him 2more times? His whole family will be here for his graduation and I am looking forward to meeting them all again. For perhaps.. the last time.

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